What memory holds an object?

A collection tells the story of the person that collects it and that is precisely why I meet with collectors, to ask them for their stories. Despite the monetary, geographical, political and historical value, what other memories does a collection hold? What does exist on each object, item, detail?

I believe that a collection is a memory organiser where one can organise their past - what one already collected - and this way being able to desire a future - what’s still missing in the collection. I also organise my own story as a collector of the ephemeral by recording on video all my meetings with these collectors.

Until 2019, Collection of Collectors meets and keeps 34 collectors from Paredes de Coura, Valença, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Monção, Melgaço, Berlin, Kortrijk, São Miguel Island, Tomar, Lisbon and Torres Novas.