Instruction 23:

Collect someone

Instruction 22:

I dont't want to forget this meeting

Instruction 21:

Tell me what is urgent

Instruction 20:

What you didn't forget

Instruction 19:

What changed you

Instruction 18:

What memories do you have from this place

Instruction 17:

Let me keep you

Instruction 16:

I’ll meet you here

Instruction 15:

What do you do in a Theater

Instruction 14:

Give me an instruction

Instruction 13:

Tell me your story

Instruction 12:

Talk with someone

Instruction 11:

Take me to a show

Instruction 10:

Imagine our meeting

Instruction 09:

Follow these steps

Instruction 08:

Show me who you are

Instruction 07:

Ask a question and find an answer

Instruction 06:

Inspire me

Instruction 05:

Tell me: How are you

Instruction 04:

Write a Manifesto

Instruction 03:

Sing me a song

Instruction 02:

Keep something of mine

Instruction 01:

I want to talk to you