1ST EDITION - 21st November 2020

Art saved me, gave me a place of belonging, made me discover the world and the others. Meeting other artists brought me knowledge and new perspectives. It transformed me. Art defined specific moments of my life and search. I wanted to be like the artists, to see their full body of work, get to know them, collect them, keep them. 

There was an excerpt, a moment of a song, a film, an exhibition, a book, a show that stayed with me forever. What was that moment for you? What scene from a movie or a theater show, what paragraph in a book, what piece of an exhibition has transformed you, touched you and you never forgot? What did you keep in your body from this artistic moment? 

1ST EDITION - 21st November 2020

15 spectators from 15 different countries.
A project realized with BeSpectative!, on 21st November 2020 for European Spectator’s Day.

2ND EDITION - 11th April 2021

15 spectators from Cincinnati.
A project realized with  Contemporary Arts Center - Cincinnati - USA, on 11th April 2021 at 4pm Cincinnati time and 9pm Lisbon time. You can watch it by social media.