Spectators of the Collection of Lovers

Since the premiere of Collection of  Lovers, on September 11th 2015, I have collected spectators. I ask spectators to capture the ephemeral moment of our meeting, using their mobile phones to photograph, in the theatre, in that unique and unrepeatable moment. I have already received hundreds of images by email, many with messages, letters or invitations to other meetings.

The project has gained other formats and experiments, maintaining the game of collecting the spectator. In 2017, we created a tv version of this Collection, I asked the spectators to photograph the moment they watched the Collection on TV. In the same year, I extended this invitation to readers of the book Collection of Lovers, VOL.I. In 2018, the invitation was addressed to visitors of the exhibition Collection of Lovers, held at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. In 2020, I collected the virtual viewers of a live streaming version for facebook.

Here you can see a selection of some of these images sent from spectators of Collection of Lovers, from an archive of more than 1000 images.