Instruction 10:

Imagine our meeting

We may not know each other, but as I write this I imagine you reading it. I imagine how you look, where you are. Whenever I receive a response to one of these instructions I find one more possibility to imagine you. I shiver realizing the possible meetings that are taking place here. But what if we meet live and in color in one place? How, where and when would it be?

Print this map or edit it digitally. Mark the starting point for each of us - where are you coming from to find me and where do I leave to find you? Trace the route that each one of us will take - how are we going, where do we pass, do we stop at some point in the journey? Then, mark our meeting point on the map. Does this city exist? What’s its name? Or is it just a city created by you to meet me? When exactly does our meeting take place? Photograph the edited map, answer these questions and send it all to me. I may be able to find you!

Download map.