Instruction 14:

Give me an instruction

Instruction 13:

Tell me your story

Instruction 12:

Talk with someone

Instruction 11:

Take me to a show

Instruction 10:

Imagine our meeting

Instruction 09:

Follow these steps

Instruction 08:

Show me who you are

Instruction 07:

Ask a question and find an answer

Instruction 06:

Inspire me

Instruction 05:

Tell me: How are you

Instruction 04:

Write a Manifesto

Instruction 03:

Sing me a song

Instruction 02:

Keep something of mine

Instruction 01:

I want to talk to you


Hi, I'm Raquel André. I'm a collector.

This site is an invitation to a meeting.

I invite you to be part of this Collection of People.

The Collection of People project started in 2014 and already includes four collections: Collection of Lovers, Collection of Collectors, Collection of Artists and now the Collection of Spectators.



I collected spectators throughout all the previous collections, in various formats of meetings, where intense and ephemeral moments were shared. These several meetings resulted in hundreds of photographs, objects and stories, creating an archive of memories that I keep with care.


What am I proposing to you?

On this website you will find instructions that propose your interaction and participation.

These instructions are a channel for a meeting between us, for sharing your experiences, thoughts and sensations, your manifestos. I want to collect you as a spectator of art, a spectator of life and of this world, a spectator of the here and now.

I want to know you as an observer, as a witness, but also as a participant and artistic creator. I want to know you as a spectator.

This is an invitation to an experience, it is in your hands to be part of this collection.

I'll be around here.