Instruction 23:

Collect someone

Instruction 22:

I dont't want to forget this meeting

Instruction 21:

Tell me what is urgent

Instruction 20:

What you didn't forget

Instruction 19:

What changed you

Instruction 18:

What memories do you have from this place

Instruction 17:

Let me keep you

Instruction 16:

I’ll meet you here

Instruction 15:

What do you do in a Theater

Instruction 14:

Give me an instruction

Instruction 13:

Tell me your story

Instruction 12:

Talk with someone

Instruction 11:

Take me to a show

Instruction 10:

Imagine our meeting

Instruction 09:

Follow these steps

Instruction 08:

Show me who you are

Instruction 07:

Ask a question and find an answer

Instruction 06:

Inspire me

Instruction 05:

Tell me: How are you

Instruction 04:

Write a Manifesto

Instruction 03:

Sing me a song

Instruction 02:

Keep something of mine

Instruction 01:

I want to talk to you



welcome, I invite you to discover the 23 instructions that I keep in this Collection.

All instructions in this website can be visited and until instruction 14 you can also participate.

It will be a pleasure to meet you as a spectator.

From instruction 15 to 23, you can visit the files created for the Collection of Spectators show, these instructions are activated in each location where the show is presented.

Follow our news for you to know where we are.

I will be here,

Raquel André